Want a longer and more meaningful vacation?

We look forward to seeing you in Lithuania even before the main event!

Pre-Events in Vilnius

14th July Thrusday

Place: Vilnius

Sightseeing Vilnius

Let's get to know more about Lithuania, and our capital - Vilnius.

A fun and interesting educational tour with a guide of Vilnius Old Town!

14th July Thrusday

Place: Vilnius

Kick-off for Baltic Summer Fest

Welcoming dinner!

Main events

15th Friday

Sightseeing Trakai

- Exploring Trakai Castle

- Educational workshops

- Regional dishes and cultural heritage

- Degustations

- Active entertainment

Baltic Challenge

- Team games

- Various challenges and competitions

Relaxation at Hotel

- Dinner

- Indoor sauna and pool

- Outdoor sauna and hot tub

- Swimming in the lake

- Games and great time at the cozy villa

Baltic Challenge >

The goal of Baltic Challenge is to make greater connections within delegates from different countries across the Baltics sea by competing in sports and team-building events!

Trust us, we already made a lot of challenging and really fun matches for you!

So please grab some really comfortable clothes and shoes!

16th Saturday

After a full breakfast a full day of excitement and adventure!

Canoe trip

An outgoing event, which became a summer tradition in Lithuania!

- Some obstacles, calm sections, swimming

- Outdoor lunch with a great company

Sightseeing Trakai

Missed on friday or it wasn't enought?

Let's have free time at Trakai!

Relaxation at Hotel

- Lake with a beach

- Boat, water bike, basketball, volleyball

- Lunch

- Evening: Inside sauna and pool

Baltic Village

- Dinner

- Lithuanian folk performances

- Each country's national and cultural games, dances and songs!

Canoe trip >


  • Upstream of Verknė from Tolkiškės to Aukštadvaris.

  • Swimming would take about 4 hours. 10-12 km.

  • The meeting point is Margis Hotel. From there the transport will take you to the starting point.

All can agree that the rivers of Lithuania are all beautiful, but one of the most beautiful of them is the Verknes River.

The route on the Verknė River is not very difficult, but it will appeal to both beginners and experienced swimmers. Quite a fast current, amazing views and river meanders will not let you get bored, and will leave an unforgettable experience. Canoeing on the Verknė River can take from 1 hour to 5 days.

Verknė is a tributary of the middle Nemunas. The length of the throat is 77.3 km. The width of the river is very uneven. Below Lake Vilkokšnis, the width of the Verknė riverbed varies from 2 to 3 m to 5 to 10 m. In the middle, the river is already wide (5-10 m) and often widens up to 10-20 m. In the lower reaches, the width of Verknė exceeds 30 m. The prevailing depth of the river is 1.5-2.5 m. There are also 4 m depths near Stakliškės and Alešiškės.

The world of flora and fauna of Verknė is interesting. There are multicolored flowers, trees and green bushes. There is a wide variety of fish in the water. Traces of beavers' "economic activity" can also be seen. Otters, mink and muskrats also live in Verknė.

What to pack for canoe trip:

  • Swimwear

  • Hat

  • Water

  • Snacks and drinks

  • Sun cream

  • It is best to leave expensive items and phones in the hotel, but if you can't leave them for a few hours, it is recommended to have a sealed case - a bag for your phone.

Take the adventurous mood and let the fun begin!

Baltic Village >

Baltic Village gathers Baltic Countries families, friends and neighbors where we all share our country's national and cultural games, dances, songs, drinks and snacks… and make a real Baltic Summer Festival!

We prepared really interesting lithuanian national and folk stuff but what would the Baltic Village be without all the arriving countries' contributions? So we kindly ask for our dear Baltic Summer Festival delegates not to come empty handed but to bring your country’s:

  • national or cultural folk game, dance, song

  • national or cultural drinks and snacks

Dress code: comfortable Summer Fest outfit + small folk / national accessory.

And let the fun begin!

17th Sunday

Packing up after a full breakfast by sharing the excitement of the weekend and new friends contacts!