Baltic Summer Fest

15-17 July 2022 Lithuania

A three-day summit of exciting talks, games, sport and cultural activities

The goal of this event is to gather families and friends, to meet new and amazing people, share different national and cultural experiences and to have a great summer adventure!

Let's create new connections across the Baltic sea!

15th Friday

Sightseeing TrakaiBaltic Challenge Relaxation time

16th Saturday

Canoeing TripRelaxation timeBaltic Village

17th Sunday

Sharing the Excitement of the Weekend and New Contacts


Trakai City - "City of Lakes"

Trakai is the historical capital of Lithuania. Here stands our pride - the only castle in Eastern Europe built on the island.

The history of Trakai begins in Old Trakai - legends say that it was built in the 14th century and was founded by the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas at the beginning of the 19th century.

Do you believe in legends? People say that Trakai was caused by a woman's whim. Birute, the wife of Duke Kęstutis, did not like living in Old Trakai because there was too little water nearby, as was usual in her native Palanga. Therefore, in order to please his wife, Kęstutis began construction of a new castle surrounded by lakes and there appeared the New Trakai city.

Active entertainment


Educational workshops

Regional dishes and cultural heritage

Want to know more about Trakai, it's activities and sightseeing for the personal time or trip?

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